In 2007, reading about electric and hybrid cars inspired Inventor about a device that can constantly charge batteries. What if the device can efficiently use wind as a source of energy? After researching, making sure idea is novel and practical. Inventor studied wind turbine, car alternator, electric motors and different generators. There are hundreds of postings on the net. There are hundreds of non-practical patents. Every idea that Inventor saw had same principle of wind turbine. Recently, he saw on TV a man driving car somewhere in Asia with wind turbine attached on the front of the car.

Prior to US patent application filed, significant improvements were made. Major difference from typical turbine is fan or blades are excluded.

The device is designed to integrate within any surroundings without any major changes. It can capture optimum fluid flow energy and can generate maximum electrical energy. It can be lighter, cost effective and not complex to manufacture.

Device was originally named as Compact Wind and Water Turbine System.

Patent was filed with US, PCT and few other countries.

CWWTS is trade-marked ™ and now is a patent product in US.

CWWTS is now AFFG, Advanced Fluid Flow Generators.

AFFG is designed for Surface, Air and Space based vehicles.



Hybrid and Electric Vehicles can be benefited most.

Hybrid Vehicles:

Commonly Hybrid vehicles utilize electric power at low speed. Highway driving is mostly on gas engine. AFFG can supply constant electrical power either to batteries or directly to electric motors. AFFG can reduce charging time, less batteries and lesser use of gas engine.

Electric Vehicles:

AFFG can benefit mostly to Electric vehicles. The biggest challenge for Electric vehicle is to keep them running for long distances on a single charge. This problem can be resolved by AFFG. It can generate sufficient electric power using fluid flow energy. AFFG can charge batteries in shorter period of time. After charging process is done it can be arranged to drive electric motors directly, so that batteries status can remain at full charge all the time. With further R&D Electric vehicles can run entirely on AFFG. This can reduce extra weight of batteries and cost.

Other Applications:

AFFG can replace traditional wind turbine which requires enormous space and investments. To generator electrical power either for individual applications or mass consumers is now possible.

Marine Based Applications:

Marine Based vehicles can be equipped with AFFG.

Under water application is now possible due to unique design of AFFG.


AFFG can revolutionize Aviation industries.


Space station, satellite and spaceship can be benefited.


1. Why this invention is so significant?
Compare rail 100 years ago and now, Automobile now and then, First Airplane invented by Wright brothers versus today’s modern aircraft. However traditional Turbine for last 100 years is still same, requiring huge spanning area, complex installation and very expensive to make. New concept and innovation was long overdue in turbine technology. AFFG will replace traditional turbine and will become universal turbine technology for almost all the applications.

2. How AFFG works?

AFFG depends on wind energy, while vehicle is in motion.

3. Vehicles can be driven for long distance?

Vehicles can be driven long distances without stopping for charging station.

4. How Hybrid cars can be benefited?

Gas engine in Hybrid vehicles can be solely for standby or for emergency purposes.

5. AFFG Technology can be implemented on commercial vehicles?

Commercial vehicles can use this technology to reduce its fuel cost.

6. Does it add extra weights to the vehicle?

Weight can be reduced by using fewer batteries and lighter gas engine.

AFFG can be manufactured using lightest possible materials.

7. Effects of Drag by wind force.

Technically AFFG is not in a static motion but in a rotating motion therefore it rotates to pass wind.

8. Is Structure modifications needed?

No major structure modification is required.

9. In case of failure of device.

Installing multiple AFFG can eliminate this problem. If one device fails, other AFFG can continue to generate electrical power. It can be equipped with sensors and modern technology.

10. This device will replace traditional Turbines?

Yes. AFFG is the only available alternative to traditional Turbines. Due to its unique design, it will be very economical and space saver.

Revolution in Green Energy Technology has just begun.