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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why this invention is so significant? What is the economic impact?

Compare rail 100 years ago and now, Automobile now and then, First Airplane invented by Wright brothers versus today’s modern aircrafts. Traditional Turbine for last 100 years are same, requiring huge spanning area, complex installation and very expensive to make. New concept and innovation was long overdue in turbine technology. AFFG will replace traditional turbine and will become universal turbine technology for most applications. Upon launching there will be many windows of opportunities will open.

2. How AFFG works?

AFFG depends on wind energy, while vehicle is in motion.

3. Vehicles can be driven for long distance? How it can compete with low gas prices?

Vehicles can be driven long distances without stopping for charging station. History suggests that gas prices go up and down. Fact is earth is running out of crude oil, as population grows demand will increase. Gas engine has many moving parts and required regular maintenance. Electric vehicles are step-up technology and it’s only the meaningful solutions for all the problems we have with vehicles running on fossil fuels.

4. How Hybrid cars can be benefited? What are the other applications besides electric and hybrid cars?

Gas engine in Hybrid vehicles can be solely for standby or for emergency purposes.

AFGG can be applied for Wind, Hydro, for commercial applications. Residential and Consumer markets can be benefitted.

5. AFFG Technology can be implemented on commercial vehicles?

Commercial vehicles can use this technology to reduce its fuel cost.

6. Does it add extra weights to the vehicle?

Weight can be reduced by using fewer batteries and lighter gas engine. AFFG can be manufactured using lightest possible materials.

7. Effects of Drag by wind force.

Drag is the major factor any time when object is going against the wind. However in some instances, drag was overcome successfully. When aircraft flies against the wind, using thrust and directing those flaps such away that aircraft can takeoff. While landing directing those flaps such a way that aircraft get maximum drag to slow down.
In case of sailboats it can travel in the direction of wind or against the wind by adjusting sail. Notice when paratroopers jump from midair applying techniques and drag they can land very precisely. Person with jet suite and or gliding device can fly for longer duration using techniques to overcome drag.  AFFG is already at the doorstep of overcoming the hurdle posed by drag.

8. Is Structure modifications needed?

No major structure modification is required.

9. In case of failure of device ?

Installing multiple AFFG can eliminate this problem. If one device fails, other AFFG can continue to generate electrical power. It can be equipped with sensors and modern technology.

10. This device will replace traditional Turbines?

Yes. AFFG is the only available alternative to traditional Turbines. Due to its unique design, it will be very economical and space saver.

11. How AFFG can be installed on vehicles without roof such as convertible cars or two wheelers

There will be different design and configuration.

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